A Little Inspiration

I came across a quote this week that got me thinking about how we tend to approach marketing efforts: “Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there.” With so many choices to market your business today, such as social media, public relations, e-marketing or mobile marketing, sometimes we can lose sight of the real goal – getting there. To no fault of our own, we can get really excited about a new marketing plan and want to dive in with all of our energy only to fall flat at the end in several categories. Although it is crucial to integrate all marketing efforts for maximum results, sometimes the message can get scattered around too quickly and lose its luster. So how do you avoid this common pitfall and “get there?” My advice would be to constantly refer back to your marketing plan objectives and work hard at achieving your main goals. If that involves PR and social media, aim for a realistic outcome, track the success and build on that when you accomplish your goal. Once you gain confidence with a tactic or two, the rest will fall into place and integration will happen seamlessly.

How have you stayed the course? We would love to hear from you on your approach to executing your marketing plan!

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Kimberly Kayler