Successful construction firms don’t view marketing as an expense, but rather a strategic approach to business. The “leading with marketing” philosophy embodies how a company approaches its business, marketplace and clients. When companies lead with marketing, they choose which markets to target, what services to offer, how to differentiate, how to communicate and how to win.

Marketing is the art and science of creating awareness, delivering value, selling services, satisfying needs and getting clients to buy again. While marketing is an integral part of the business world, too many construction firms do not understand how to use and apply marketing tools and strategies. Now is the time to take the lead and embrace a strategic and integrated marketing program.

In Leading with Marketing, you will learn to:

-Define the Role of Marketing

-Establish a Competitive Advantage

-Differentiate from the Competition

-Position your Firm

-Develop Messaging

-Integrate Marketing Communications

-Become a Strategic Thought Leader

-Deliver a Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI)