How do successful architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms become leaders in their markets?

While there is not a singe formula for all AEC firms, a common characteristic is effective marketing. Successful firms don’t view marketing as an expense, but as a strategic approach to winning. They Lead with Marketing.

Brian Gallagher and Kimberly Kayler are seasoned marketing veterans with years of experience developing and implementing marketing, public relations, communications, and social media programs for leading , architects, engineering firms, construction companies, manufacturers and trade associations.

Gallagher and Kayler, frequent speakers at industry events, have authored two insightful books to help firms tap the power of marketing to become industry leaders. Leading With Marketing focuses on the strategic role marketing plays for business-to-business firms. Building Business With Social Media focuses on developing effective social media programs that get results.

Leading With Marketing

Leading With Marketing embodies how an AEC firm should approach their business, their marketplace and their customers. When companies lead with marketing, they strategically choose which markets to target, what to offer, how to differentiate, how to communicate, and how to win. Leading With Marketing provides the insights, expertise and knowledge needed to lead with marketing.

Building Business With Social Media

Building Business with Social Media is designed to provide AEC, manufacturing and other business-to-business marketers with a basic understanding of social media tools, while providing ideas to enhance your firm’s online presence, build brand awareness and generate demand through the strategic application of social media tools.