Leading With Marketing


“Leading With Marketing” should become a basic primer for anyone or any organization marketing products and/or services in the AEC market arena. Construction management, architecture and engineering programs could use this book as a text or guide. Too many times in the AEC business the attitude of “if we build it, they will come” prevails. We have found out the hard way during the tough economic times of late 2008, 2009, and perhaps longer, that that theory doesn’t hold water. It should be a lesson to us that MARKETING should and must be a vital part of our overall strategies for success going forward. My compliments to the authors for their well thought out and explicit thoughts on how to create viable and successful marketing programs in the AEC market place. This book is a great read!”

Jack Wyatt
Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer
Acton Mobile Industries
Baltimore, MD

“Having worked with Brian and Kimberly for many years and seeing the direct results of their wisdom help Structural Group grow to over 500 M in sales , now having their wisdom detailed in this great book will allow more of us to apply marketing strategies to our everyday business. I highly recommend this book to every Architectural, Engineering and Contracting company that desires a profitable growth strategy.”

Peter Emmons
CEO and Founder
Structural Group
Hanover, MD

“Kimberly Kayler has proven to be an important part of our marketing efforts. She has proven expertise in leading the marketing efforts for a firm in today’s AEC industry. We believe her efforts helped us grow 25 percent during the first year we launched our marketing program.”

Stephen Metz
Shelley Metz Baumann & Hawk (SMBH)

“We’ve worked with Kimberly for years now, and completely trust her guidance and experience to get an appropriate message out regarding our company. She’s a pleasure to work with and a real pro, and gets results. Her company is nimble and cost-effective, which makes for a great combination!”

John H. Hammond
Vice President – Business Development
Hardwire, LLC

“Kimberly Kayler understands the concrete industry. Her knowledge of our industry as well as marketing best practices has allowed us to cost-effectively market to our target audiences.”

Ed Sauter
Executive Director
Concrete Foundations Association

“Kimberly Kayler is a rising star in the marketing and public relations arena. Her light first shown in the 1990s as Marketing Director for the CON/STEEL Tilt Up Systems where she gained insight into the concrete industry and quickly led that firm to national recognition. Since starting her own firm in 2001, she has focused her considerable energy, experience and insight on the marketing needs of companies and associations serving the concrete market. She has a solid grasp of the issues facing this fragmented industry and will light the way for successful marketing of concrete in the future.”

Robert P Foley, PE

“Kimberly has helped ACI develop many successful communications and program-launch campaigns by integrating key message development, online and traditional marketing, public relations, and so much more. Brian helped guide ACI into and through several new promotion, search, and communications initiatives as a member and then the Chair of our Marketing Committee. Their combined expertise in marketing and how to market concrete has been a huge asset to our organization and our members.”

Kevin P. Mlutkowski
Manager Marketing
American Concrete Institute (ACI)
Farmington Hills, MI

“As an engineering-based, technically-oriented trade association, the world of marketing and public relations seemed an unfamiliar and daunting space to enter. Working with Kimberly Kayler has simplified this transition and allowed us to better communicate key messages and product offerings to our customers. Her knowledge of the concrete industry and willingness to integrate key staff within the association’s operations has allowed us to realize our full marketing potential in a matter of a few short months. Partnering with Kimberly is one of the best business decisions we have ever made.”

John H. Roberts
Executive Director
International Grooving & Grinding Association

“Kimberly Kayler and her team have proven to be our most effective marketing tool. We employ a variety of marketing strategies, but the ability to manage our public image results in our largest impact per dollar spent by far. The team at Constructive Communication makes our job easier by tirelessly following up on the research and editorial reviews that it takes to get a major article published. The result is best seen in the hundreds of responses we receive from members and non-members expressing their appreciation for the information put forth in these efforts.”

Jim Baty
Technical Director
Tilt-Up Concrete Association