Leading With Marketing

How to Use this Book

To be a good marketer, you have to know all these tactics, and then you’ve got to select the right tactics to win your particular battle.” -Al Reis


Marketing is an integral part of the business world, however, too many people in the AEC industry do not understand how to use and apply marketing tools and strategies that can help them establish a leadership position and have an impact on their bottom-line. But, today’s marketplace is more competitive than ever, and decision-makers are savvier than ever. If there is ever a time to take the lead and embrace a strategic and integrated marketing program, that time is now.

Leading with Marketing will change the way you think about marketing so your firm can select the right target audiences, communicate with them effectively, and create profitable opportunities. It is a tool for professionals in AEC fields that are providing leadership to the marketing efforts, with a complete overview of marketing process, tools, systems and best practices. Companies that market services such as architecture, engineering and construction services; as well as companies that sell products, such as materials, systems, and other products used in construction, will find the marketing principles outlined in this book to be beneficial. Based on years of actual experience with a diverse variety of companies and associations in the AEC industry, Leading with Marketing bridges the gap between traditional marketing concepts and emerging marketing trends, while providing a contextual link to the construction business.

While there are many books that go into great depth on any one of the topics discussed, Leading with Marketing provides a solid overview of marketing and should be read by a broad spectrum of your team members. After all, marketing should not be one person or even a department. To be truly successful, the marketing orientation must start at the top of the organization and permeate the entire company.

This book details all of these concepts and provides the tools to succeed in leading the marketing function in your organization, and ultimately help you become a leading firm in your market. The information has been assembled in a format to provide a general background of marketing strategies and techniques, customized to the AEC industry, in an easy-to-use fashion. The authors have also inlcluded Jargon Junction, which provides additional information on terms, topics and acronyms used. Bridging the gap between traditional and new marketing as well as plant seeds and stimulate thinking.